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Dog Day Ramblings

Well needless to say, things are rather quiet in football as far as the 49ers are concerned.  I've had writer's block trying to come up with info for the site, so I figured for now I'll roll out some ramblings.  When you see these, just assume my mind is blank as far as a specific column is concerned and we'll go to the shotgun approach.

What got me thinking about just rambling was actually the NBA Draft lottery that was held last night.  Does everyone think the lottery works and if so, should it be applied to the NFL Draft as well?  In the NBA it seems like a lot of the same teams are always at the bottom of the pile, whereas the NFL's parity seems to keep teams in constant motion.  Every league has their own thing that works for them, but it's always worth considering.  Personally, I don't think it's necessary, but it's an interesting thought.

Good news for Chris Henry.  The State of Kentucky is on his side!  Obviously this is beneficial for Henry, but you still have to wonder if he'll get his shit together after his suspension is complete.  He is such a talented receiver.  It'd be a shame to see him waste that talent and wash out of the league.  Well, the good news is that at least he didn't do this.

As Marcello pointed out, Keyshawn is joining Drew Bledsoe in calling it quits.  Apparently ESPN loves him enough to stick him on some of their NFL programming.  One more reason not to watch ESPN.  Considering the crap that John Kruk and Steve Phillips bring to Baseball Tonight, it's perfectly fitting for Meshawn to join the World Wide Leader.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  I was in college during what I think was one of the best times for ESPN (the late 90s) and by the time I graduated, I could see the decline coming.  It's a shame, and hopefully they'll figure this out.  Needless to say, I'm not holding my breath.

For those that are interested, some of our smaller market brethren here at SB Nation are conducting a roundtable forum on the issues facing small market teams.  Several teams have divided up issues amongst themselves and researched their particular issue, followed by a post on the subject.  First up, our Jacksonville blog, Big Cat Country, discussing relocation in the NFL and how it's affecting his Jaguars.  Two interesting discussions have developed in the comments:

1. The economic questions facing the existing CBA.
2. What city truly has the best chance to succeed with a new team.

The schedule for this roundtable discussion will proceed as follows (host site listed):

Wednesday 5/23 - Relocation; Big Cat Country
Wednesday 5/30 - Big, Shiny New Stadiums; Pride of Detroit
Wednesday 6/6 - Free Agent Attraction; Cincy Jungle
Wednesday 6/13 - Media Coverage; Music City Miracles
Wednesday 6/20 - Prime-Time Scheduling; Daily Norseman
Wednesday 6/27 - Revenue Sharing; Buffalo Rumblings
Wednesday 7/11 - The Green Bay Anomaly; Acme Packing Company

So definitely swing by to check them out each week.  In the meantime, I'll continue to work on new material to keep the masses entertained!  I've passed along people's questions for Doug from Football Outsiders and should have a post on that in the next few days.