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Moore signed to 4-year deal

Sfgfan pointed it out in the last thread, but I figured it's worth mentioning on the front page: The 49ers announced that Jay Moore became the first 2007 draft pick to sign, reaching an agreement on a 4-year deal.  Four years is the longest contract available to a non-first round pick.  As sfgfan mentioned, clearly Moore wants to get going.  As Moore said,

"There's a lot of new terminology to learn," Moore said. "At defensive end, you don't have to make any calls, just listen for them. Here, I'm making calls and understanding formations a little more. That was tough, but it's coming along a little. I'm learning the ropes."

Clearly I've been a fan of his since posting the Corn Nation scouting report back in February.  I definitely think he'll bring much-needed depth at the outside linebacker position as a backup to Tully Banta-Cain and Manny Lawson.  At ESPN, Moore is presently listed 3rd on the ROLB depth chart behind Banta-Cain and Roderick Green.  Moore has plenty too learn considering the position switch, but I'm excited to see his development, and expect to see plenty of him in the preseason.

[EDITOR'S NOTE] - 8:35AM - Thanks to Sprint Right Option for the heads up: Joe Cohen was also signed to a 4-year deal. With training camp starting July 28, it's good they're getting a jump on getting their picks signed.