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49ers WebZone chat with Matt Maiocco

[EDITOR'S UPDATE] - It's been a great chat over at, for those who have missed it. The webmaster of 49ers Webzone will be sending me a transcript of the chat afterwards at which point I'll get a review together. Matt Maiocco discussed everything from Ray McDonald's knee issues to the wide receiver battle to my question about if the 49ers considered Niners Nation favorite Paul Soliai.

For those of you who don't know, 49ers WebZone is one of the premier sites out their for 49ers information.  They combine original content with a collection of news from around the Web.  They also do chat sessions with various people across the Internet that you can view live and submit questions to.

Tonight, along with 49ers Paradise, they'll be chatting with everyone's favorite writer, Matt Maiocco at 6pm pacific.  I'll be in the room (along with many others) to ask questions of Matt.  If you go in you can't chat like normal, but rather you will submit questions to a moderator who will ask them in the order they're received.  I wanted to open up a thread for people to post questions they'd like me to ask Matt, if you can't make it to the chat.  I'm planning on putting together a post-chat review of what Matt has to say to the questions.

If you want to join the chat, go here.  Or you can go to, scroll over Interactive, click on Forums, then click on Niner Talk and you'll see the thread pinned to the top.