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49ers Family Day - Saturday June 16

For those that don't know, this coming Saturday the 16th is the 49ers annual Family Day at Monster Park.   It's from 10am to 2pm and according to the 49ers, it will include:

  1. Autograph opportunities with 49ers players and alumni
  2. Youth football activities, contests, interactive inflatable games, Junior Gold Rush cheerleading clinics, football 101 sessions and tours of the 49ers locker room
  3. Photo opportunities with the 49ers Alumni, Gold Rush Cheerleaders, Sourdoguh Sam and a Super Bowl trophy
  4. FREE admission, activities and parking
Additionally, Coach Nolan will be hosting a Q&A and there will be locker room tours.

One reason I am bringing this up is I'm curious if any readers will be attending the event?  If you are, let me know as I will definitely be there rocking my Alex Smith jersey.  If you can't make it, no worries.  KNBR will be broadcasting live from the event and I plan on posting a full wrap-up of the day's festivities Saturday afternoon/evening.