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SBNSR Live from the NBA Finals!

I haven't been as diligent as I should be in posting this, but we've been running the SB Nation Sports Report every Tuesday night (9 eastern/6 pacific) over at  I've been handling the Left Coast Sports Fanatics on Wednesday nights (more to come on that), but the SB Nation Sports Report is the flagship show of the network.  Normally it's hosted by TheSportsGuru from Mile High Report and BigBlueShoe from Stampede Blue.  However, the Guru lives in Cleveland and tonight he will be in attendance at Game 3 of the NBA Finals.  I'll be filling in for the Guru for the hour long show.  Below is a rundown of the plan tonight courtesy of BigBlueShoe.

Tonight, on The SB Nation Sports Report, the official podcast of the re-designed SB Nation:

Yes bloggers, our very own TheSportsGuru will be attending the NBA Finals tonight, working his shaman magic in a desperate hope that his beloved Cavs will friggin' show up and make a series out of this match-up with the San Antonio Spurs. We will call him live at the game and either get an excited update on how the Cavs are dominating the Spurs, or a drunken ramble about the poor state of the NBA's officiating. Joining BigBlueShoe in the studio, and filling in for TheSportsGuru, is Fooch, the head blogger at SB Nation's Niner's Nation.

Other than the obvious NBA Finals jibber-jabber, David Halprin from Blogging The Boys will drop in to talk NFL, the Cowboys, and why Jerry Jones' face seems to to expand with age. We'll also be talking about the MLB, Gary Sheffeld's love of Latinos, and Harold Reynolds' hiring at Plus, a girl can't win the Indy 500, but a girl did win the friggin' Belmont Stakes!

All tonight at 9pm Eastern, 6 Pacific, all at The SB Nation Sports Report. Tune in!

You can listen in over at and if you want to.  If you head over to the link above, you can get into a chat room during the show to discuss what we're talking about, or even call in if you the mood strikes you.  So feel free to stop by.