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Network updates, quality Gore article, etc...

Sorry I don't have anything catchy for the title, but this is more of an amalgamation of interesting "stuff" that I think will pique everyone's interest.

First and foremost, I'm a little late to the party on this, but if you haven't had a chance, check out  Previously that site had the same layout as all of the blogs it represented with the most recent posts from around the network updated constantly.  Basic, simple, to the point and somewhat effective.  As SB Nation has grown, we've wanted to put out a more professional look and the tech crew has really hit a home run in my opinion.  If you have any comments or questions, good or bad, I'd love to hear them and pass them along to the powers that be.  I think this updated page will be important in pushing SB Nation further into the mainstream.  Many changes are afoot in the coming months which should make for an improved experience.  I'll keep everyone updated.

Now, back to 49ers news.  I found some really interesting articles over the last couple of days and wanted to throw them out there.

- With his new contract and guaranteed money, Frank Gore is taking care of his family.  You always hear about athletes buying homes and whatnot for their loved ones, friends and hanger-ons, but it still makes me happy he's a 49er.  It's just one more example of what Frank Gore brings to the 49ers.  The best part is how motivated he still is after the extension:

Gore, who said he watches his high school highlight tape before every game he plays because it reminds him how simple the game is, said he is targeting Eric Dickerson's NFL season rushing record (2,105). But that is goal No. 2.

With his family taken care of, Gore said he wants to follow in the footsteps of former Hurricane Edgerrin James, one of four former UM running backs starting in the NFL.

Like James, Gore wants to establish himself as a durable threat.

- Some fans are stepping up (and maybe I might have to join them) and plan on wearing suits to the 49ers home opener:

Call it the Formalwear Revolution, which was sparked last week by an Internet zealot who read that Nolan wasn't getting anywhere in his quest to permanently return the coat and tie to the NFL sideline. So "Ninerfan21" made a modest proposal: Why don't the 49ers' fans show Reebok where to shove it by showing up to the team's Sept. 10 home opener -- a prime-time affair, mind you -- dressed as businessmen? Since then, the idea has spread like chicken pox at summer camp.

Nolan has learned of the idea and likes the show of unity.  If I can get tickets to the home opener, I think I might actually wear a suit (with a 49ers pin or tie of course).  With Coach Nolan's father in failing health, this issue is touching even close to home for him.  As discussed in a diary, I just can't understand that Reebok and the league offices wouldn't change things up in the near future.  Just ridiculous.

A quick rundown of OTAs last week:

A couple of common themes throughout the OTA recaps:
  1. Vernon Davis and Alex Smith connecting on a variety of completions all over the field.
  2. Darrell Jackson continues to recover from turf toe and isn't expected to participate in football activities until training camp.
  3. Ashley Lelie and Arnaz Battle are being held out this week as they recover from minor injuries.
A month and a half until training camp...can't come soon enough.