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Fantasy Football

Obviously it's rather early for any mention of fantasy football, except for the most hard core of football fans.  So in that regard, this is more of an early heads-up.

The various football blogs are putting together a fantasy football league with some sort of prize (money, gift certificate or something else) to be awarded to the winner along with general praise and merriment.  While details have yet to be fully worked out, the plan is to have two leagues of 12, the AFC & NFC.  The player pool would be available to each league (so 2 LT2's, 2 Gore's, etc...) and after the individual league championship Week 15, we'd have a Super Bowl of sorts Week 16.

The reason I bring this up is that while I'll be in charge of the team, I'd like to make this a site-wide effort.  This would include coming to some sort of agreement on a draft board, working together to put together a starting lineup each week, deciding on trades, etc.  If we were to win the league and receive a cash prize, my plan would be to use that cash prize towards a prize for our planned prediction game that was mentioned during the playoffs (predicting games each week).  The winner of that contest would get some sort of 49ers related prize, purchased with the winning money.  If money isn't involved, we'll work out some other prize.

I've always run my own team, so this would certainly be a new experience.  Furthermore, I'm guessing that not everybody who reads this site is into fantasy football.  I know some hard core fans who don't like it because of the idea of rooting for other teams.  If you're not interested, no big deal.  However, I think this could be a lot of fun for the site and an opportunity to rise to the top.  There would be plenty of smack talk with the other sites and I'd post previews/recaps of our fantasy match-ups each week.

Like I said, it's still really early, but I wanted to give everybody a heads-up so that we can starting planning for it.  Any draft would not be until late August it appears.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 6/18/07 9:10AM - We have enough interest to set up 2 leagues of 12. The American and National Conferences. If more enter we'll go to 3 leagues, but I'm guessing we stick at 2.