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Left Coast Sports Fanatics podcast

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After a few hiccups, the SB Nation Left Coast Sports Fanatics podcast gets into gear with all things West Coast.  We'll be piggy-backing on the SB Nation Sports Report's pre-draft emphasis.  Dave from Blazer's Edge will be on to discuss Oden, Durant and the potential rebirth of Trail Blazer basketball.  Dave has appeared on ESPN, on the radio and in the print media but clearly this will be his media peak.

The second segment will see Saint (my co-host and noted AN commenter) battling to the death with Reverend Halo Fan our resident Angels fan from Halos Heaven.  The fireworks that result should be quite spectacular.

We'll wrap up with some boxing discussion with Scott from Bad Left Hook.  Ricky Hatton is coming off a huge KO win over Jose Luis Castillo down in Las Vegas and now Floyd Mayweather is claiming he'll "come out of retirement" to shut up Hatton, whose been talking quite a bit of smack.  The Left Coast is curious to see what Scott has to say about that, the heavyweight division and his disdain for Hopkins-Wright.

That and always plenty of Bay Area banter tonight on the Left Coast Sports Fanatics at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern.  The Fanatics are represented by Saint from Silver and Black Pride and Fooch from Niners Nation and any mention of the east coast will always be in conjunction with the Left!