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SB Nation Fantasy Football

So it looks like we're setting up our league at  I've used their fantasy football in the past and am a big fan.  We'll have two separate leagues (so 2 Gores, 2 LT2s, etc...) and unlike Yahoo, Sportsline will allow us to have each league championship game in Week 15, thus opening Week 16 for an inter-conference Super Bowl of sorts.  Needless to say, when we win this thing, there will be plenty of smack talk at our disposal!

I say we because, as I said before, I'd like to get anyone here involved that might be interested.  If you check out the diaries, Braekneck has created a diary for ranking the top 10 fantasy running backs.  Feel free to create a diary for each position as you see fit.  If diaries aren't being created I'll certainly take the leap and create some as well.  I'm going to create a separate section (linked from the front page) where all of our research and planning for the draft will be located.  

I'll be the person at the draft so I'll end up with the final say when there are any conflicts, but this will at least allow us to come up with some kind of group consensus about the various positions...or at least as close to a consensus as is reasonably possible.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about this, feel free to post them here or in a diary.  I think this will create some additional enthusiasm throughout the season as we claim victory over the rest of the Nation!

New Know thy Enemy post likely coming sometime before lunch tomorrow (pacific time).