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The Chronicle had an interest article on Friday about players that could become available now that the traditional June 1 date has passed.  The article brought back a few nightmares that were released on that date to clear cap space in the past including Gabe Wilkins and Antonio Langham.  I wasn't big on Langham but I thought Gabe Wilkins was gonna do some good things for us.  And THAT is why I'm not running this team!

However, the article threw out a few interesting names.  The team has 3 open spots, and while they are more likely to save them for emergencies, there are some intriguing options that could probably be had on the cheap.  While I doubt the 49ers add any of these guys, I figured I'd throw out two names that caught my eye.  There weren't many June 1 releases, but players will definitely become available as training camp rolls through.

1. Corey Simon - I could be wrong, but I thought he could fit into the 3-4 scheme as a nose tackle.  I noticed he's just under 300 lbs, so maybe the size isn't there for us.  Plus, he's had some issues with teams in the past over money.  Furthermore, we certainly have some decent depth at nose tackle, particularly if Aubrayo Franklin turns into a legit starter.

2. Obafemi Ayanbadejo - We could certainly use a backup to Moran Norris, as I don't think Zak Keasey is the answer there.  Additionally, he can play all over the field and is from Santa Cruz.  Every team could use more versatility.

Feel free to throw out some other names that interest you.  Are we happy with our backup running back situation, or would a veteran backup be helpful?  This conversation has gone round and round.  I don't think it'd be worth it to bring a guy in, if one becomes available.  However, every options should be considered when you've got the luxury of such a signing.