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Scout's Inc Offensive Line Rankings: 49ers 16th overall

ESPN posted their Scout's Inc. offensive line rankings and the 49ers came in 16th overall.

16. San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers managed a very respectable 4.9 yards per carry on the ground last year, a good indication that their offensive line is on the way up. Left tackle Jonas Jennings was a quality addition in 2005 before missing most of that season due to injury, but he started 13 games last season and showed promise. Right tackle Kwame Harris is massive, athletic and flexible, and he and Jennings played a part in the improvement of the passing game by helping to hold opponents to 35 sacks last season. Center Eric Heitmann is a quality starter (66 starts in five seasons) and is becoming the glue that holds the line together. As long as perennial Pro Bowl guard Larry Allen can stay healthy, they should be stout up the middle.

For those curious, the teams above the 49ers:

  1. San Diego Chargers
  2. Indianapolis Colts
  3. Denver Broncos
  4. Philadelphia Eagles
  5. Cincinnati Bengals
  6. New England Patriots
  7. Washington Redskins
  8. New Orleans Saints
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars
  10. Chicago Bears
  11. Minnesota Vikings
  12. Pittsburgh Steelers
  13. Seattle Seahawks
  14. Tennessee Titans
  15. Dallas Cowboys
It seems like they're not always sure where to put the 49ers in these rankings, so why not just stick them in the middle.  They seem to think Kwame is better than he really is and there's no mention of Joe Staley or even Adam Snyder.  I assume that since it's their rankings going into this year they're not considering future potential beyond 2007 in the case of Staley.  No matter what, I'm definitely a fan of our offensive line and think it is a strength for us.  While you never like injuries, the injuries to the line last year definitely helped the team build some depth for the future in guys like Baas and Wragge.