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Blah, Blah, Blah: Ravens edition

If you go down to the Site Meter link at the bottom of the front page, you can view various details on traffic here at Niners Nation.  My favorite feature allows me to see where people come from when they visit the site.  Most people come via google searches or simply typing in  Recently SB Nation was added to Google News.  Certain keywords pop up in searches and many of my posts have been picked up at various teams' message boards.  All of the Know thy Enemy articles have been picked up and discussed on other message boards, which has brought great humor to my weekend.

I've decided to create a new little feature called Blah, Blah, Blah. As I see some of these message boards, I'll throw out some of the comments that appear.  As the most recent Know thy Enemy article was about the Baltimore Ravens, here are some comments from Extreme Ravens.

There's a ton of obvious bias and ignorance in the article and in the comments.

It's amazing how many people don't realize what kind of receivers we have now nor how well our passing game did last year.

I can see the wheels spinning in this writers head. He's trying to believe his team will make the playoffs and figure out how.
"Hmmm...Ravens....there's a "W" I only need 4 more..."

They were wasted 44-6 the last time they played the a far worse offense. Perhaps this guy quickly forgot the NFL high of 412 points the 9'er D gave up last year.

This is preseason and 49ers home, so I agree he is trying to believe and 20-17, actually how many time did we see a team score 20 pt. against the D. 4 teams did in and only Panthers barely won. Better Rushing teams like Bolts, Falcons, 2x Steelers and KC failed, well goodluck mr Gore;)

Certainly some interesting comments.  I'm not sure I agree the Steelers or Falcons are any better than the 49ers at the running game.  They probably have more depth, but Frank Gore is better than Willie Parker and Warrick Dunn...or at least more dominating.

As for those mighty Raven wide receivers?  Well, Clayton might improve, but as Derrick Mason is getting older, I'd say his skills will get worse and Demetrius Williams will need to make something of a leap to make up for it.  I guess we'll see how it plays out October 7.