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49ers quasi-confirmed rumors: 49ers sign Joe Staley

EDITOR'S UPDATE 11:15AM - Thanks to sfgfan for pointing out Maiocco's update. Staley has agreed to a 5-year, $8 million contract with some performance opportunities.

While I'm hearing this news 2nd hand, I've seen several sites reporting the 49ers agreed to terms with Joe Staley.  AOL Fan House and 49ers News are both reporting that Pro Football Talk has indicated the 49ers agreed to a contract that gives Staley 8.2% more than the 28th pick in 2006 (Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis).  

I'm estimating Lewis's salary, but it looks like his 2006-2010 base salaries total $3.125 million, he had a roster bonus of $895,000 and a signing bonus of $3.48, totaling $7,500,000.  Again, mostly an estimate, but that would put Staley's package at roughly $8,115,000, but who's counting.

49ers News is reporting that Matt Maiocco has indicated the deal is done, but I have yet to see anything on Maiocco's blog.  In the meantime, feel free to discuss.  The team has 12 days until training camp starts, so clearly the priority is getting Willis and the rest of the picks signed and into camp.  If any of them misses camp it definitely increases the learning curve.