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Vick Indictment via The Smoking Gun

Obviously this Michael Vick thing has nothing to do with the 49ers.  However, as the details continue to emerge, this is clearly going to be the dominant story of the offseason and probably well into the season.  If Goodell doesn't want to look like he's showing preference, Vick gets suspended.

The Smoking Gun has put the indictment up on their website and there is plenty of interesting information there.  While there is definitely a decent amount of evidence in there, I'd prefer to not assume guilt quite yet.  Based on past precedent I figure there are a couple ways this could go.  I personally don't think a trial will happen with the case going as is, so the other options:

1) Vick pleas to lesser charges and gets off with probation/fines and/or maybe some light jail time, similar to what happened with Jamal Lewis

OR, the more interesting option

2) One or more of Vick's co-defendants turns on Vick and becomes a government witness in order to avoid jail time or reduce his own sentence.

I don't plan on making this a dominant story here at Niners Nation, but I definitely plan on keeping tabs on it.  It's not often that the face of the league (or one of the faces of the league) is indicted on federal charges and faces a potential suspension.

In the meantime, please offer your condolences to our Falcons blogger Dave the Falconer at The Falcoholic.