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Super Bowl XLII Vegas Odds - 49ers 15/1???

The whole Michael Vick indictment story has certainly been a downer.  So let's move onto some more fun information to close out the day.  Super Bowl odds have been posted throughout the Internet and Las Vegas since the end of Super Bowl XLI.  Although the team was improving, the 49ers did not open with the best odds as there were plenty of areas to improve upon.  

Well that has certainly changed.  In their football futures section, Bodog has the 49ers listed as 15/1 favorites to win Super Bowl XLII and 9/5 to win the NFC West.  Clearly we need some context for these numbers to mean anything.  Well here are top 10 teams in terms of Super Bowl odds:

Odds On Winning The Super Bowl

  1. New England Patriots -- 8/5
  2. San Diego Chargers -- 5/1
  3. Indianapolis Colts -- 7/1
  4. New Orleans Saints -- 12/1
  5. Chicago Bears -- 15/1
  6. San Francisco 49ers -- 15/1
  7. Cincinnati Bengals -- 17/1
  8. Seattle Seahawks -- 18/1
  9. Philadelphia Eagles -- 18/1
  10. Denver Broncos -- 20/1
  11. Dallas Cowboys -- 20/1
  12. Baltimore Ravens -- 20/1
While I'm as big a 49ers fan as anybody else, I'm thinking those numbers are a little skewed.  A 9-7 division winning season would make me ecstatic, but does anybody here honestly think we've got the same chance as the Bears of winning the Super Bowl?  I'd love think so, but reality is a little less rosey-looking especially when the over/under on 49ers wins is 7.5 (tougher odds on the under though).  As far as the division is concerned:

Odds to win the NFC West division

  1. Seattle Seahawks -- 6/5
  2. San Francisco 49ers -- 9/5
  3. St. Louis Rams -- 4/1
  4. Arizona Cardinals -- 4/1
So we've got worse odds than the Seahawks of winning the division, but better odds than Seattle for winning the Super Bowl?  If I was a Bears fan I'd probably take those 15-1 odds.  While I'd guess the Colts and Patriots are the two most likely to win the Super Bowl, the Bears will be getting back several injured stars, which could give them a shot in the postseason.

What do you guys think about these odds?