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I just came across an article at that I wanted to share with everyone out there.  For those that don't know, Deadspin is a site that takes an irreverent look at the sports world and is definitely a site I'd recommend checking throughout the day.

Anyways, the article discusses a new NFL rule that will, "...limit media outlets to no more than 45 seconds of NFL related video content on the Web every day."

In a move designed to protect the Internet operations of its 32 teams, the pro football league has told news organizations that it will no longer permit them to carry unlimited online video clips of players, coaches or other officials, including video that the news organizations gather themselves on a team's premises. News organizations can post no more than 45 seconds per day of video shot at a team's facilities, including news conferences, interviews and practice-field reports.

I can see why they would want to protect their internet resources.  However, the 45 second rule seems a bit of a limitation.  As long as you are citing your sources correctly I don't see why there should be such a limited time rule in place.

As I've been typing this, The Sports Guru over at Mile High Report passed along a press release the Broncos issued with the rules in place:

  1. 45 seconds max per day (90 seconds for 2-team markets, 45 per team)
  2. Can't be live video
  3. Can only be available for 24 hours, no archiving
  4. Links back to and the inidividual team sites
  5. Must be editorial context
  6. The 45 seconds includes any footage of team practice.
Anyways, just thought I'd pass it along and get it off my chest.  It's just another case of money over-taking sensibilities.  Of course if I was the one cashing those checks I suppose I'd be in favor of this.