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Breaking News : 49ers great Bill Walsh has passed away

Bill Walsh: 1931 - 2007 RIP

I regret to inform everyone that Bill Walsh has passed away after his battle with leukemia.  I have to run out for an hour or two, but feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss this great man.  

Niners Nation offers it's deepest sympathy and condolences to his family and 49ers fans everywhere.  More to come later.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: 1:25PM - I'm going to put together a more complete write up tonight, but feel free to link to any stories or just post your thoughts here. I'll post links on the main part of the story as I see them.

The Chronicle with a great piece

ESPN writeup and retrospective

Jeremey Green: Walsh was a master talent evaluator

Mark Kreidler: Walsh a treasure in Bay Area

Ray Ratto's thoughts

Fox Sports retrospective

EDITOR'S UPDATE: 2:30PM - Here are some more links reflecting on the life and career of Bill Walsh. Also, at on the top right where they are posting stories, they have a link to a pop-up window with a photo tribute worth checking out. In spite of my recent displeasure with Sports Center, I'd expect a quality retrospective.

ESPN's Hashmarks Blog

Ivan Maisel with a fun story about Walsh

Ray Ratto's thoughts on Walsh over at CBS Sportsline

Clark Judge: Walsh a genius? When it came to managing people, label might have fit

Ira Miller: Walsh's impact on NFL to be felt for years to come

49ers Official Release with quotations from prominent individuals

Waggle Room, the SB Nation golf blog, has their own interesting take on Walsh who became a mentor to Tiger Woods, a fellow Stanford guy. Thanks to Stuart Mulligan for this piece.

For the Stanford fans out there, a cool little piece about Jim Harbaugh spending some time with Bill Walsh after he was Harbaugh was hired as head coach.