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Happy 4th of July

EDITOR'S UPDATE: 9:40PM - Congratulations to Joey Chestnut, who defeated Takeru Kobayahi 66-63 in the annual Nathan's hot dog eating competition. Chestnut led most of the way and the finale came down to the tire before Kobayashi had a reversal of fortune on a few of his hot dogs. Chestnut, a native of San Jose, shattered his previous world record of 59 1/2 set in Tempe last month. He has indeed done America and the Bay Area proud. All hail the new holder of the mighty mustard yellow belt!

Happy 4th of July everybody...Hope you have a safe and fun holiday.  Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest is about to start (I think Kobayashi's been playing mind games with everyone since Joey Chestnut broke his record).  After that I'll be hitting up the afternoon A's game, followed by a barbecue.  So, hope you have a good holiday and I'll be back with a new post tonight or tomorrow.