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Vote Neshek/Young in 2007

This is completely unrelated to the 49ers, but I find it rather amusing.  For those that don't know, for baseball's All Star Game, they put together a 5-person ballot in the NL and AL for fans to vote on the last player for each squad.

This year, Pat Neshek of the Minnesota Twins is one of the AL pitchers on the ballot.  He has been writing a rather entertaining blog this year and he's actively campaigning for that last spot.  He's claimed Chris Young of the Padres (on the NL Final Vote ballot) as his running mate and is encouraging people to vote for them.  After reading about this at Deadspin, I've been voting on and off the last two days.  I just want to encourage the rest of you to join the cause, especially since there are no A's or Giants on the ballot.

It's easy to vote over and over again, so head on over to THE BALLOT and vote away.  We have no real reason other than creating an unbelievable viral campaign, so let's make it happen!