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Patrick Willis to replace Brandon Moore in starting lineup

I'll go into some more depth later, but Matt Maiocco is reporting that Mike Nolan announced Patrick Willis will replace Brandon Moore in the 49ers starting lineup, with Derek Smith moving to the starting strong inside linebacker position.

With two games remaining in the preseason, I certainly think sufficient performance from Moore could get him back in the starting lineup.  However, Nolan indicated the move was more because of Willis's performance, rather than Moore's lack of performance.  Of course, Moore has struggled in the first two games of the preseason, so it's easy to consider that a reason for his demotion.

An interesting note from Willis on the promotion:

Willis said he was excited about the promotion, but said he has a lot of work to do. He said he would not be calling any family or friends because his move into the starting lineup means nothing if he doesn't take advantage of the opportunity. He said those close to him would have to hear about it via news reports.

It's always good when a rookie doesn't let things go to his head.  Considering the talent Brandon Moore brings to the table, one would think this might motivate him a little bit more.