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Sunday Wrap - Almost Monday Night

In response to the oft-repeated advertising slogan, it is indeed almost Monday.  At first I thought I'd enjoy being able to relax and watch other football before the 49ers take center stage Monday Night.  While the games were certainly entertaining today, I'm officially antsy for some 49ers football.  I've seen enough of other times and just want to watch the 49ers blitz the Cardinals.

Since we've still got some time, I thought I'd do a quick and dirty recap of Sunday's action and what we learned about the division and the rest of the league.

  • Randy Moss certainly still brings something to the table - It was only one game, but he looked damn good as the Patriots rolled the Jets.
  • Tony Romo torched the Giants all game long, although Eli also looked pretty good before messing up his shoulder
  • Big Ben and company were beastly against the Browns.  We'll see how they do next week against a bend-but-don't-break Bills defense.
  • The Mike Martz-offense looked pretty solid against a quality Raiders secondary.
  • At the same time, Lamont Jordan seems to be fully healthy and ready to do big things for the Raiders.  Josh McCown was quite solid also until he fell apart at the end.
  • Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and Calvin Johnson all turned in great rookie performances....but rookie of the week goes to Mason Crosby, the Packers rookie kicker.
  • Joey Harrington is still Joey Harrington and Rex Grossman is still Rex Grossman
  • Within the division, Seattle didn't bring their A game, but were still able to take care of business against Tampa Bay, while the Rams looked rather limp in losing to Carolina

Fantasy-wise, the score remains 147-104 as we had nobody going in the Dallas-NY Giants game.  I'm still awaiting word on the double counting of defensive points.  Although, I think we could overcome a 43 point deficit anyways if need be.  Rudi! Rudi! Rudi! Rudi!

I'll have an open thread for the 49ers game around lunch time tomorrow, but feel free to use this thread in the meantime.  It feels like a cross between the night before Christmas and the night before the first day of school.  I'll be sporting my cherry-red throwback during the day tomorrow.  We'll save the Alex Smith current jersey for the following week.

In the meantime, just a quick reminder, that if you want to post comments during the games, or any other time for that matter, make sure and get registered at the New User page.  It's free and there will be no spam.  We'd love to hear from everyone who frequents NN.  So we'll see you Monday Night!

[EDITOR'S NOTE - 8:40AM] - Fantasy scoring was adjusted and we're trailing 131-104 heading into tonight.