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49ers Day After Link Dump

Feel free to keep commenting about one hell of a finish in the recap thread below.

In the meantime, I thought I'd get a link dump going with the plethora of articles out there (been using that word ever since El Guapo in Three you even know what a plethora is?).

There's an assortment of articles over at the Chronicle.  I'll give some very brief descriptions considering the sheer volume:

A little LA Times love this morning.

While not a must-win, this was certainly a big winning in what could very well be the Critical Season.

Would you agree that Alex Smith is becoming his own manright in front of us?  It's only one game, but I think he's taking control as the leader of this team every single day.  Maybe it's too early for Montana or Elway comeback comparisons, but for three minutes on one night I have no problem pondering the possibilities.

Apparently the SJ Mercury News has a readers blog section.  Here's a recap by a pair of long time 49er fans.

John Clayton looks at the two quarterbacks following last night's late-night, wild ending.  A great line in that article is at the end:

Added 49ers coach Mike Nolan: "All I can say is our guys won and theirs didn't."

Mike Sando, who helps Matt Mosley over at the ESPN football blog, Hashmarks, was in San Francisco all day yesterday and blogged before, during and after the game.

And as always, Matt Maiocco with his recap of the late night festivities.

As always, to avoid registering at sites, use Bug Me Not.

For those that are new here, if you come across any 49ers-related articles feel free to throw them down in the comments.  If you find off topic articles, you're more than welcome to include them as well.  I'll have more analysis later today or tonight, but in the meantime, dump away.