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Vote for 49ers Patrick Willis as Rookie of the Week

Alright folks, time to show some Niners Nation voting power.  Over at you can vote for the Pepsi Rookie of the Week for Week 1.  The nominees are the 49ers very own Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson and John Broussard (Jaguars 7th round pick at WR).

I just voted once on Mozilla and once on Internet Explorer and Willis currently leads Adrian Peterson 47% to 35% with Calvin Johnson coming in third with 9%.  I'm not sure if you can vote over and over again, but I'll definitely give it a try on my end.  Entering the season, I thought Patrick Willis would be a strong candidate for defensive rookie of the year and last night only strengthened that confidence!

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 8:25PM] - I just checked back at the voting and Willis has moved up a percentage point. Feel the power of Niners Nation!