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9/12 49ers Links: Vote Patrick Willis Defensive Player of the Week

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For those who have voted already, we continue to push Patrick Willis forward.  He currently is getting 50% of the vote, compared with Adrian Peterson's 33%.  Continue to head over and vote for the NFL Rookie of the Week.

And if you missed the post late last night below, I did a rundown of the Scout's Inc. preview of the 49ers-Rams matchup.  It's Insider protected so I did some paraphrasing for copyright's sake.

Onto the 49ers link dump for September 12.

Mike Nolan made a point I agree with.  There's no such thing as an ugly win because any win is a good thing.  The good news though, is that the offense realizes they have work to do.

You have to love a team that won't quit.  Now they just need to keep this up.

It was mentioned in a previous comment, but the 49ers did indeed add Bryant Young to the stable of captains.

Apparently the 49ers drew their highest ratings in four years Monday night.  This article also gives grades on the Mikes.

It will be interesting to see what kind of rivalry could develop between Smith and Leinart and the 49ers and Cardinals.

The Chronicle rolls out their game grades.  No real surprises here.

A little bit of everything including another Patrick Willis-Ray Lewis comparison.

It was definitely an interesting play call to go with the end around to win the game.

The general USA Today pieceon the game.

Tully Banta-Cain will be giving his game takes every other week at, trading off with Alex Smith.  Here is his look at Week 1.

We'll wrap up with Mike Nolan's notebook from yesterday.  A general rundown of his thoughts on aspects of the game.

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