Week 2 Prediction Games

We'll get things going with the second week of the six-team prediction game.  Later this week I'll promote this diary to the front page, but for now we'll leave it as a diary.  Any questions about rules, post as a comment and HowTheyScored or I will answer it.


49ers @ St. Louis - Sunday 9/16 10:00am

Washington @ Philadelphia - Monday 9/17 5:30pm

San Diego @ New England - Sunday 9/16 5:15pm

Minnesota @ Detroit - Sunday 9/16 1:05pm

Indianapolis @ Tennessee - Sunday 9/16 10:00am

Houston @ Carolina - Sunday 9/16 10:00am

If you don't get your picks in time for the Sunday early kickoffs, you can always send in picks for later games.  You won't get a chance to pick the early games, but still a chance at some points anyways.

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