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9/13 49ers Link Dump

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Thankfully we've passed hump day and are on the back end of the week.  I could most definitely use a break this weekend.  And hopefully the 49ers can win by a couple of scores to avoid the stress of Monday Night.

Of course, if you haven't voted yet, vote Patrick Willis NFL Rookie of the Week.  He's up to 54% of the vote, with Adrian Peterson second at 29%, Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch tied with 8% and John Broussard at 2%.  The MNF appearance is certainly helping Willis, but I honestly think he had the most complete performance.  Peterson was quite impressive and thus should be second, but I think Willis was a big time impact player Monday night.

Speaking of which, Patrick Willis is definitely taking on a bit of a leadership role, including calling defensive signals at times.

I'm pretty sure everyone still remembers the 4th and inches against St. Louis.  Definitely all part of Mike Nolan's evolution as a coach.

Following last week's deactivation, Kwame Harris is preparing himself for the possibility of being traded.  If it's within the division I hope he bombs, but if he does end up in the AFC I certainly hope he can find some sort of success.  I'll let you know my official position AFTER I know what team he is on.

Thankfully Buffalo Bills TE Kevin Everett is getting better.  In the meantime all of the 49ers realize the dangers that lurk every single play.

Some random 49ers notes in the Chronicle, including the first official injury report of the week.  Also it looks like BY, Walt Harris and Larry Allen will not practice on Wednesday the rest of the year.

Interesting story about Alex Smith's uncle.  Apparently John Smith is an advanced scout for the Rams and was at the 49ers game in his Rams tshirt putting together his report for this weekend.  

USA Today ran a piece on Alex Smith's foundation awarding scholarships to foster kids.  Always good to see player's giving back.

Matt Maiocco runs through a bunch of notes in his always must-read blog.  Not quite as partisan as us, but he certainly gets better access!

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