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49ers - Rams: Steven Jackson conference call

Last season saw Rams running back Steven Jackson break out in a big way.  While the Rams have plenty of firepower, I believe Steven Jackson has developed into the most indispensable cog of that offense, someone the 49ers will certainly need to concentrate on.  Of course in light Orlando Pace's injury, we'll see if that proves Pace is the most indispensable cog.

Anyways, I came across this Steven Jackson conference call information and thought I'd share it with you.  I wouldn't normally concern myself with the goings-on of another team's player, but considering how vital Jackson is to the Rams offense, I figure it's worth checking out.

Losing Orlando Pace

"It was a huge blow, but it was something we had to deal with last year. At this point you just hope he will be able to recover. I feel the coaches around here will get guys ready and we got young guys that are hungry who have dreamed about playing here and this is their opportunity."

Thoughts on Frank Gore

"I follow the whole NFC West from top to bottom. You got guys that have been to the Pro Bowl, guys that have established themselves in the league as bona-fide guys that are hard nosed runners. I definitely keep up with Frank. I think his off-season regimen is very impressive with the way he works. I had a chance to sit down and talk with him at the Pro Bowl and he is a great guy. Anybody that runs hard and has a passion for the game, I love to watch him."

On week 2 and any rust

"I feel ready to go out and continue what I did last year. You're going to have some rust that you have to get kinked out. But any true professional overcomes disappointment...I feel like I can overcome anything that comes my way."

On improving the Rams offense this week

"Simmer ourselves down. Go out and do what we did last year; be good with the ball, don't turn the ball over, continue long drives, get in the red zone and put up seven points instead of three. Once we get back to that form and that shape of play of football, I think we're going to look good."

On the 49ers defense in general

"...The 49ers got a new defensive coordinator, so we have to prepare for some of the new things he might do. The 49ers looked great on Monday night. The secondary looked reassured, so it will be a tough match up at home...It's kind of the same personnel. The linebackers always play pretty good running to the ball. They are well disciplined and coachable. The secondary looks really good with the guys they brought in."

On the 49ers secondary

"When you're looking at any defense on film you have got to see the strength and weakness that you can take advantage of and what key guy they brought in and if he knows the defense well enough. There is a lot of information that goes in getting prepared for teams. It's a short week for San Francisco, so you hope that takes an effect on those guys because they have to travel. There are a lot of things that go into a game plan. When you look at the secondary, are there guys that take gambles? Do you feel that they're going to run support and tackle? And I felt like on week one their guys did well and ran to the ball."

Patrick Willis

"I really haven't focused on one guy yet. It's too early in the week. Right now you want to see the big picture of the defense, then day by day break down the personnel."

Well I think we can safely say he'll be focusing on Willis this weekend when he's getting drilled in the backfield by #52! I'm very curious to see if Willis can get the same kind of backfield penetration he had all night on Monday.