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Frank Gore's mother passes away

Hat tip to sfgfan for hunting this down:

Frank Gore's mother has passed away yesterday.  The deepest condolences of Niners Nation go out to Gore and his family.  Having lost my own mother, it's one of the hardest things in the world to go through.  She had a huge impact on Gore's life and he was obviously very close to her.

Per the 49ers, "Cards and letters can be sent to Gore c/o the 49ers Public Relations Dept., 4949 Centennial Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95054."

I think I'll send one on behalf of Niners Nation.  I encourage everyone else to send the young man a card.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 3:55PM] - Mike Nolan had comments on Gore in the report on Thursday practice:

Said Nolan, "Frank was not here today. His mother passed yesterday, so we want to keep Frank and his family in our prayers. He will make the trip this week. He had some family here with him prior to him finding out about his mother. He may practice tomorrow. He was here this morning and just had a tough go with it. I am concerned for Frank for Frank, not in reference to the game.

"There is a good chance he will go to Miami after the game. Frank saw his mom, it’s been a couple weeks now. It was important that he saw her at that time because Frank felt that if he didn’t see her before the season, he may not get a chance to see her again. Frank feels that his mother would want him to do his job so to speak."