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9/17 links: 49ers are 2-0 baby!

Everyone in the free world considers the 49ers lucky to be 2-0 and clearly not as good as most of the other 2-0 teams.  But you know what?  The 49ers ARE 2-0 so who gives a rat's ass.  The team knows they have not played a complete game yet, which is good to know (that they realize it, not that they haven't played a good game).  This team is only going to get better which has me feeling pretty good about them going forward this season.  It's definitely different to actually have expectations in a season instead of just hoping to avoid embarrassment.

A majority of the articles today are some combination of the theme of yes it was ugly but they're also 2-0:

  • Ray Ratto discusses how nobody can figure out WHY they're 2-0, but let's not complain yet.  This isn't a beauty pageant after all.
  • Two ugly games, two ugly wins - Sac Bee style.
  • Speaking of ugliness, Dante Hall and Brandon Williams did not have their most memorable games, that's for sure.
  • You don't get style points in this league.  I'm thinking the weak offense is to boost the degree of difficulty from the East German judge.

We also had a group of articles about Frank Gore dealing with his mother's death:

The pass rush left Marc Bulger a little antsy and a whole lot of sore.

The Chronicles gives out team grades, all of which are just about right.  The pass rush was there for the most part, but playing off the receivers so often leaves the team with a B+.  Giving up 368 passing yards, even in a win, is not good enough for an A.

The Disease felt like he was always open.  It sounds like he's getting a little frustrated.  No bad rants yet, but we'll see what happens if this keeps up.

Although the secondary struggled, they stepped up when they needed to.

Interesting little look over at The Sporting News at key plays on both sides that have the 49ers and Rams going in opposite directions.

Over at the Merc, Tim Kawakami thinks next week against Pittsbugh could get ugly.  It doesn't matter how good the defense is if we can't score.

Smith may not be Montana, but winning is winning.

AOL Sports may sum it up best, the 49ers are a mediocre 2-0.  Yea, but we're 2-0 suckas!

As always, avoid registering at some of these sites with Bug Me Not

I'll be back later in the afternoon hopefully.  Everyone continue counting to 10 and repeating we're 2-0, we're 2-0, we're 2-0 and the ugliness will temporarily slide away.