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49ers 10th in latest ESPN Power Rankings

Power Rankings obviously have no value when it comes to winning football games and not much more when it comes to predicting football games.  However, it's always nice to get a little respect.  In the latest ESPN NFL Power Rankings, your San Francisco 49ers are 10th:

10(15) 49ers 2-0-0: Props to Frank Gore, who played with a heavy heart Sunday following the death of his mother earlier in the week. Gore scored twice, including a 43-yard run, in the 17-16 win at St. Louis.

The top 15 rankings right now:

  1. Patriots
  2. Colts
  3. Cowboys
  4. Chargers
  5. Steelers
  6. Bears
  7. Ravens
  8. Broncos
  9. Seahawks
  10. 49ers
  11. Texans
  12. Packers
  13. Bengals
  14. Redskins
  15. Titans
The Lions are 2-0 also and ranked 18th, making them the lowest ranked undefeated team.  The Chargers are the highest ranked 1-loss team and the Saints are the highest ranked winless team  at 19.  This weekend against Pittsburgh will probably clarify the 49ers situation and settle them in the power rankings.

Thoughts on the 49ers?  Thoughts on other teams in the rankings?