Week 3 Prediction Games

[EDITOR'S NOTE 2:10PM] - Now seems as good a time as any to bring this to the front. Even if you haven't been involved before, feel free to throw out your predictions.

We've got a really interesting batch of matchups this coming weekend, including our Steelers matchup.  It's unfortunate that Andre Johnson will probably miss the Texans-Colts game this weekend in Houston, as I figured the Texans had a decent shot to spring the upset.

Anyways, here are the games and of course, any questions about the rules can be posted here in the comments.  As always, all times are Pacific:

49ers @ Pittsburgh - Sunday 9/23 10:00am

Tennessee @ New Orleans - Monday 9/24 5:30pm

Dallas @ Chicago - Sunday 9/23 5:15pm

San Diego @ Green Bay - Sunday 9/23 10:00am

Detroit @ Philadelphia - Sunday 9/23 10:00am

Cincinnati @ Seattle - Sunday 9/23 1:05pm

I think that provides some solid matchups for the week with some difficult choices.  Two early games on Sunday, so try and get your picks in as soon as possible.

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