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9/21 49ers Link Dump: I bet there's a common theme today

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Shockingly, many of the 49ers clips are about the same story: Billy Bajema's BACK at practice....wait a second, no that's not the story (although he did return to practice after missing the St. Louis game. Of course if he hadn't returned, maybe Manny Lawson is still playing...but whatever. There are obviously several articles about Manny Lawson, so I'll bunch them together with bullet points if you'd prefer to avoid the carnage:

Ann Killion considers Alex Smith fourth on the list of people to blame. #3 is an interesting one, but makes sense after she explains it.

Hines Ward and the Steelers know to be wary of Nate Clements.

Vernon Davis spoke with Coach Nolan about his concerns on getting more involved in the offense. At least The Disease didn't go to the press first.

Gary Plummer goes over the points of the game for this weekend over at

Piece over at Fox Sports basically talking about how the 49ers luck isn't the worst thing in the world.

A lot has changed for this pair of 5-Super Bowl winning franchises.

Alex Smith is just happy to be winning.

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