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9/24 49ers Link Dump: Losing sucks

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2-1 may not be 3-0, but it's time for the 49ers to look towards a blockbuster Week 4 showdown at home against the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are coming off a stunning last minute victory over the increasingly defensively hapless Cincinnati Bengals and are now tied with the 49ers at 2-1 atop the division. A win this weekend will not create separation, but will give one team a small leg up in the race for the divisional crown.

The clips are fairly consistent, covering the fact that the Steelers were the better team and the offense needs some work:

Frank Gore continues to struggle as the offense "ain't making no plays right now.

As we've discussed here, simply handing off to Gore is not nearly enough.

Clearly the Steelers were the better team and a team the 49ers can aspire too.

Mike Nolan had a good day with his red hankie, winning both second half challenges (sort of).

The offense did make some progress, but unfortunately it was not enough.

Hannibal Navies played solidly, but it was certainly a substitution the Steelers exploited.

That Davis ruling is still puzzling to most everybody involved.

49ers Chronicle Grades

49ers Sac Bee Report Card

Mike Nolan made a good point in regards to the blown calls: "Excuses make it OK to lose, and we lost today, and it wasn't OK. It's that simple."

It wasn't a rout dumbasses!

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