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Week 4 - 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks - Open Thread


Date: September 30, 2007

Time: 1:00PM PST, 4:00pm EST

Location: Walsh Field @ MPCP

Weather: 67°F, 7mph wind, and sunny

Injury Report: Click Here - SF: Jason Hill, Tarell Brown Questionable; Jonas Jennings, Mark Roman Probable ; SEA: D.J. Hackett, Ben Joppru out; Will Herring Questionable; Shaun Alexander, Maurice Morris Probable Spread: Seahawks -2; Over/Under 40.5; Money Line SF +110, STL -130 (Ouch)

TV: FOX (Channel 2 in San Francisco)

Radio: 1050 AM/107.7 FM

Niners Nation Prediction: 49ers win 24-20

Feel free to enter your predictions HERE

The 49ers look to bounce back from a tough loss last week. The national media would have you believe the 49ers were exposed last week as frauds. My rebuttal to that would be that the 49ers showed they have room to improve but are on the right track and the final score was no indicator of the 49ers performance.

With that in mind, the 49ers need to bounce back from the get-go today. Normally they say establish the run and the pass will follow. I'm convinced this team needs to pass to set up the run if the offensive line is going to continue to struggle. They don't need the bomb, but rather some 7 and 8 yard patterns to set up short runs for Gore.

After hearing that Marc Bulger had his ribs busted by the 49ers pressure, I'd like to hope we can get the same kind of pressure against Hasselbeck. The defense has done a solid job creating pressure so far this season, and in part that is probably thanks to an improved secondary. If the 49ers offense struggles again, the defense will have to carry the day. Sounds kind of like a poor man's version of the 2001 Super Bowl winning Ravens. Hopefully we can establish some offense though. No matter what, this is a huge game for the 49ers. Hopefully they'll take care of business!


P.S. - I'm heading over to the Coliseum for the A's season finale, so I've got the TiVo set and have threatened my friends with bodily harm if they tell me the score. I'll have a recap up after I get home and watch my recorded version of the game. And as I'm watching I'll check out everyone's comments along the way.