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Rotoworld 49er News: Jacobs ahead of Lelie, but barely

I'm a big fan of Rotoworld for getting fantasy news.  However, their updates are also quite useful for learning about the 49ers, among other teams.

I was doing a Google News Search and came across an interesting little nugget from earlier today regarding Ashley Lelie and Taylor Jacobs, which was actually picked up from Maiocco's blog:

Taylor Jacobs is "a half-step ahead" of Ashley Lelie to be the 49ers' third receiver, according to coach Mike Nolan.

So I guess we can take that for what it's worth in regards to Lelie and the depth chart.  Personally, I think Lelie is more talented than Jacobs and will pass him on the depth chart.  In looking at the layout of the depth chart, the breakdown makes it appear almost as if Lelie is even behind Jason Hill.  I think I'm just reading too much into it since they're listed under separate WR distinctions.  Either way, clarity will arrive next Monday.