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Looks like Mike Nolan will be back with the 49ers with less power

Thanks to Bob in Pacifica for pointing out Michael Silver's article at Yahoo, which states Mike Nolan will be back next year, although stripped of some power.  Matt Maiocco stated in his blog that "It sounds reasonable to me."

The article is interesting in that it throws out some speculation as well:

According to a source familiar with the situation, Nolan met separately Tuesday with several key assistants, including offensive coordinator Jim Hostler, who is likely to be fired after one season in charge of the 49ers' offense. The Niners ranked last in the NFL in eight offensive categories, including points, yards and third-down efficiency. Former St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz is reportedly in line to succeed Hostler if, as expected, he is fired as the Detroit Lions' offensive coordinator. Another possibility is current Dolphins coach Cam Cameron, if Cameron is fired after one season with Miami.

Of course, nobody knows yet if Cam Cameron is out the door in Miami.  It's my understanding that he's friends with Parcells so maybe he'll stick around there.  If not, he certainly has OC experience.  I'm working on getting some scouting reports on Mike Martz as I really don't see him being a good fit in San Francisco.  Of course, I've been wrong before.

The article also discussed the loss of power and it's potential effect:

The loss of his personnel power will not be insignificant to Nolan, who in past years has made it a point of reminding players and other 49ers employees that he holds that authority, to the point where it had become a running joke within the locker room.

I'm certainly curious to see how things play out in the eventual season-ending press conference.  Silver reports the changes will likely be announced tomorrow, so I will definitely be tuning in.