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Divisional Championship Weekend Defining Moments

Even though the 49ers are not in the playoffs, I'm still allowed to submit predictions for the Samsung Defining Moment ad campaign.  The higher ups here at SB Nation are hoping to impress Samsung with our participation so as to turn the SB Nation family into a worthwhile advertising partner.

Anyways, I actually submitted two predictions and if you get a chance, swing by to vote for them.  First, I predicted a Jaguars upset of the Patriots thanks to their explosive offense and special teams.  I think a big day from MJD is necessary for the upset.  the second prediction is the Cowboys with a relatively easy win over the Giants, as Eli Manning reverts to past playoff form.

So, if you have some free time, head on over and click on the "Like It" link.  Maybe my picks will work out.  I'm even willing to pick the Pats in our very own prediction contest.