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49ers 2008 NFL Draft Targets

EDITOR'S NOTE 1/11/08 - 9:30AM - I'm going to have this post carry us until at least this afternoon, in part due to busy-ness with class, but also because I like the discussion and want to get as many scoutable names down as possible.

The playoffs are on for the final eight teams in the league.  For the rest of us, it's time to start looking towards free agency and the draft.  There will be plenty of time for free agents.  In the meantime, it's time to get a little more specific about our draft interests.  People seemed to enjoy the scouting reports I was able to acquire on various college players from the various SB Nation college blogs.  I'd like to do that again, so here's the plan.

There was a diary with some initial draft discussions.  I'd like people to get a little more specific beyond positions and starting throwing out names of guys you think the 49ers might go after and guys you would hope the 49ers would go after at some point.  Two of last year's reports (Patrick Willis and Jay Moore) ended up on the team so they definitely can prove useful.

As we're gearing up for the draft, feel free to check out Mocking the Draft.  If you head over, scroll down the left side to "MtD Most Popular."  They have everything from position rankings to a mock draft to declared juniors (which they're always updating).  They're a solid site for those who want to get a little more informed about the draft.  So feel free to grab information from there when coming up with guys the 49ers should consider.

SB Nation currently has college blogs for 36 schools (scroll down SBN College for a complete list).  If you go with a player not from a school listed it might be a little difficult to get the blogger scouting report, but certainly not impossible.  Just might take longer.  

Anyways, get some names down and I'll start working on scouting reports.  We've got a little over four months to the draft, so we best get prepared.