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Predicted Defining Moments: I don't like the Chargers

I used to consider myself entertained by the San Diego Chargers.  I was never a huge fan, but with LT and company they were a team that was easy to root for.  Over the course of this season (and part of last) that has quickly changed.  Obviously the hiring of Norv Turner was bad enough.  He screwed up the 49ers and Alex Smith's development when he left and for that I cannot forgive him.  And yet, there are several other reasons I don't like the Chargers.  Probably the two most prominent are Philip Rivers and Shawne Merriman.  I take issue with Merriman because of the steroids and the fact that he has gotten a bit of a free pass on the issue, as has the rest of the NFL, while MLB gets thrown under the bus.

My issue with Rivers is one that I think most of us can agree on having seen his conduct in recent weeks and the comments of fellow competitors.  I think it's safe to say that Philip Rivers is an arrogant punk.  I would like to see the Patriots run the table this season, but this weekend I want to see them rough up Rivers a little bit.  No need to injure, but rather just slap him around with some quality pressure in the backfield.  Maybe 3 or 4 sacks and another 5 or 6 knockdowns.  Maybe that's what is necessary to humble the young man a little bit.

Accordingly, as we approach the NFC and AFC Championship games this weekend, I threw up another pair of defining moment predictions in the continuing SB Nation/Samsung campaign.  The first one predicts a Patriots 42-17 victory and Rivers getting his due from the Patriots defense.  The second prediction is that there is absolutely no way the NFL lets the Packers lose this weekend.  The NFL is dying to see a Patriots-Packers Super Bowl.  It would be the ultimate good versus bad matchup considering the love most announcers express for Brett Favre.  I enjoy the ability and performance of Favre, but does Joe Buck really need to point out that Brett Favre likely leads the league in smiles?  It drives me absolutely crazy.

Anyways, if we end up with Patriots-Packers in the Super Bowl I'll certainly have more to say on the topic.  In the meantime, be sure and head over and vote for my defining moments when you get a chance.  Considering my predictions bombed last week, we'll see if Patriots 42-17 and Packers 34-24 hold up.