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49ers Press Conference - Nolan Returning, McCloughan named GM, Hostler Out

I'm trying to find live streaming video of the press conference but no luck so far.  In the meantime, Matt Maiocco just threw up a post 10 minutes ago.  I wonder if he reads NN?  Either way, I think Cam Cameron would definitely be the best option available to the 49ers if he were available.  Significantly more so than Mike Martz, that's for sure.

I'll update this as info comes along.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 1:12PM - The 49ers press conference is LIVE ON THE NFL NETWORK! I'll do a little live blogging....

1:13pm - Scot McCloughan has indeed accepted the GM position.

1:15pm - Coach Nolan is "excited about this move." He is discussing that he and Scot have a good relationship. The trigger belongs to Scot and Nolan is "fully in favor of." Question time.

1:17pm - Based on what he's saying, I think the York's are letting Coach Nolan save face in the press conference. Separating the naming of McCloughan the GM from the meetings yesterday.

1:18pm - Mostly a bunch of platitudes by Nolan about how he and McCloughan are on the same page when it comes to playing the best guys, but enough difference in terms of looking at players differently.

1:19pm - Confirmation Hostler was let go but no news on other assistants at this point. "Still meeting."

1:20pm - Coach Nolan indicates he has the final say on the coaching staff. He said he has some possibilities in mind for OC but isn't going to discuss them at this time. Paging Bill Parcells...FREE CAM CAMERON!

1:23pm - Nolan saying this will allow him more time to deal with the football side of things (players, scheme, the game itself). So maybe more time for Madden to learn how to use timeouts?

1:25pm - McCloughan says that Nolan will still get his say on personnel decisions. If they're wide apart McCloughan gets the final say.

1:27pm - The NFL Network just left the press conference and I'm struggling to pick up KNBR on my clock radio. For those still getting it, use this thread to update others if you get the chance.

1:50pm - I picked up the press conference on In discussing the issues with Alex Smith, he admitted there was a disconnect in the sense that they were talking but they were not clear enough to each other apparently. Not really sure what that means. Honestly I don't care what either side says now as long as the disconnect is CORRECTED.

2:00pm - KNBR has finished their coverage of the press conference. I've got some errands to run, so I'll have my own take on things later this afternoon, early evening. Initially I can say that the actions that took place obviously shock none of us. I can't say there was anything earth-shattering, but it certainly always pays to read between the lines. More to come later.