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2008 Senior Bowl Week - Let the cattle call begin

The Under Armour Senior Bowl is more or less the kick off to the pre-draft scouting season.  While there are a solid number of underclassmen declared for the draft, this week is set aside for the seniors.  The Combine will give us plenty of time to herd all draft-eligible players through the process.  For now, consider this Stage 1 of the cattle call.

I've uploaded the pdf files of the North and South rosters so go ahead and check them out below.  Again, their pdf's, so just a heads up:

2008 Senior Bowl - North Roster

2008 Senior Bowl - South Roster

Once again the 49ers will be coaching the South squad, and we all would certainly like to see it result in another great draft pick.  Getting a chance to work with Patrick Willis at the Senior Bowl gave the Mike's plenty of faith in drafting Bamm-Bamm.  Now we'll see if the coaching staff can find some more quality.  It may require more of a diamond in the rough type of player, but you never know what's out there.

In the meantime, our very own Matt Miller (user NewEraScouting here and purveyor of all things draft scouting at Mocking the Draft) is down at the Senior Bowl thanks to a well-timed press pass.  He'll be doing interviews and whatnot so plenty of information to be had.  He's down there through Wednesday so I'm trying to get some names from the rosters to try and get some more in depth information on.  Feel free to go through the rosters and throw out guys you'd like to know more about.  It's kind of a continuation of the previous post asking for draft suggestions.

We'll have plenty more information throughout the week and of course leading up the draft.  I know one guy I want to know more about is Limas Sweed, the big wide receiver out of Texas.  That's just one of many to find out more about.