Super Bowl Prediction Game

EDITOR'S NOTE 10:35PM - The comments were disabled due to the length the thread was open, so I've got them back up. Feel free to post your predictions all the way up until game time.

It's early, yet. The injury reports aren't even in. But early spreads are out and New England is favored by 11 points as of today!

That's just enough reason for me to get the predictions going. One game this time (duh), and everything on the line. Scoring is going up. First place is 5 points, Second place is 3 points, and Third place is 1 point. With perfect predictions worth 10 points and a 9 point difference between wjackalope and last place, anybody can make this happen.

There's also a Super Bowl tie provision, in that unlikely case of, you know, a tie. You don't have to do it if you don't care or if you just play for funsies, but if you're looking to win then this could be the difference maker. Just make your score prediction, and then a total yards prediction on the game. The total yards will act as a tiebreaker.

So that's that. Here's the game:

New York Giants & New England Patriots @ The University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona - SUN, Feb 3 3:00 PM PST


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