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2008 49ers Mock Draft Database (Updated to include 2009 Mock Draft Database)


First off, I'll have an open thread for the Senior Bowl before game time for anybody who feels like discussing the game and players you notice.  In the meantime, thanks to some help from The Sports Guru over at Mile High Report, I've decided to put together a database of who various mock drafts have the 49ers picking this year.  I created a special page for it, so head on over to our 2008 Mock Draft Database, where I've got 40 mock drafts listed.  Some haven't updated in a while, while others are current as of today.  Also, the 49ers are listed as picking anywhere from 29-31 as they haven't all been updated with the actual pick (#29).

The plan is to keep this list updated as often as possible, although I'll likely do it about once a week, roughly.  I expect dramatic changes to it as certainly players step up and others stumble in the three months leading up to the draft.  Additionally, as more rounds are being mocked out, I'll create some additional pages for rounds 2 and beyond.  For now though, I've got the first round pick, along with either the given website's commentary, or my own commentary on the pick.  Additionally, I'll be placing a link to the database on the left side of the page.

If you know of a particularly good mock draft I'm not including, let me know and I'll certainly add it to the page.  Finally, at the bottom I've listed the number of players predicted by position and by actual name, just to give us an idea of any particular consensus picks.  Right now Mario Mannigham and James Hardy are the top two with seven selections apiece.  I'm guessing that number will change.