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49ers OC interests might actually lie with Chan Gailey, NOT Mike Martz

And so things now get interesting.  The search for an offensive coordinator has taken a twist in only a matter of hours.  I didn't see if myself but Adam Schefter is reporting the 49ers are not interested in Mike Martz, but are actually interested in Chan Gailey to be their next offensive coordinator.  Nolan and Gailey were assistants together in Denver in the late 80s and early 90s so there is a relationship to build upon.  Additionally, Rotoworld has similar information posted regarding the lack of interest in Mike Martz with John Clayton reporting he "apparently didn't fit" the criteria of 49ers brass.

I am in the camp that is against Mike Martz as offensive coordinator for a variety of reasons that apparently don't matter now.  I'm trying to get more information on Chan Gailey, as the extent of my Gailey knowledge revolves around his brief tenure as Cowboys head coach.  I've emailed the SB Nation Georgia Tech blogger for any information he might have on Gailey and what he brings to and takes away from the table as a coach.  Any insight is certainly welcome in the comments below.

In a completely unrelated, but equally important note, the polls are open for the Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year.  The nominees are Patrick "Bamm-Bamm" Willis, Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Dwayne Bowe and Joe Thomas.  Peterson is coming off being named Offensive Rookie of the Year and Patrick Willis seems a lock to be named Defensive Rookie of the Year tomorrow.  I've voted once and Willis currently has 77% of the vote.  I'm guessing there haven't been too many votes so far.  Peterson is certainly worthy of the award, but really, we all know Willis deserves just as much, if not more.