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Cam Cameron Fired By Miami

Thansk to Braekneck for spotting it first...Cam Cameron has been fired by the Dolphins, in a move that is not entirely surprising.  Let's hope the 49ers brass is smart enough to do whatever it takes to make Cam Cameron the next offensive coordinator.

I was just checking out the NFL Network and Adam Schefter only discussed potential coaching candidates in Miami and not where Cam Cameron could end up.  Over at Rotoworld, they threw out some of their own speculation:

Cameron becomes a leading candidate to fill any offensive coordinator jobs; San Francisco makes a lot of sense. Dallas could be another possibility.

I realize Cameron was at the helm of a 1-15 team this past season.  However, I think  it's a better idea to look at his time as offensive coordinator of the Chargers.  As has been discussed extensively here, he was OC for a team that had a great running back, a game-changing tight end and average wide receivers at best.  Neither Brees nor Rivers were ever considered great quarterbacks, although both have shown a bit more than Alex Smith.  Nonetheless, I think he could do good things with a Frank Gore led offense.  Additionally, he might be the guy to help take The Disease to that next level and become the elite tight end he has the skills to become.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 11:10AM - Don't forget to vote for Patrick Willis for Rookie of the Year. You can't vote continuously but if you wait a couple hours you can vote multiple times.