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John York wants YOU to decide on the 49ers next Offensive Coordinator

Courtesy of wjackalope

Alright folks.  After yesterday's press conference, everyone under the son made it clear that Mike Nolan has the power of choosing the next offensive coordinator and NOT the GM.  But in the meantime, I had our man wjackalope come up with this little graphic to be used for various offseason threads I'm planning.  

In this case, John York wants you to come up with what the 49ers should seek in an offensive coordinator.  When I say what to seek, I'm not talking about specific people.  Cam Cameron is clearly one of the guys many here are interested in.  Rather than throw out names, I'm thinking of looking at this in a more general approach.  Nolan has said he wants a guy with NFL experience.  So beyond that what should the 49ers look for in an offensive coordinator?

When discussion centered around Mike Martz, most of us quickly realized that he was not a good fit here.  This was in part due to his seemingly abrasive nature, but also due to the fact that his offensive schemes do not seem to fit what the 49ers are building.  The 49ers seem to need someone who deals with the shorter passing game.  It seems like they need someone who can work with Alex Smith in the way it seemed Norv Turner could and also work with whatever other QBs are in camp competing with Smith.  While Smith has his negative qualities, he brings certain things to the table that an offensive coordinator would need to be able to utilize.  So rather than use this as a forum for Smith-bashing, or even Smith-praising, taking everything in consideration and provide your thoughts on an ideal offensive coordinator for the 49ers in 2008.  You can mention specific people to prove a point, but I'd prefer the more general approach of simply considering qualities necessary in the person filling the role.