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49ers bring in Chan Gailey to interview for OC

Matt Maiocco was on the ball indicating that Chan Gailey will be the first person to interview for the vacant OC position.  Additionally, Mike Nolan indicated on KNBR that he was also interested in speaking with Cam Cameron, Brian Billick and Mike Martz.  Scot McCloughan previously indicated Martz was not a fit for the staff, so I'm curious to see how this plays out.

As far as Chan Gailey goes, I had previously indicated I did not know much about him and what he brings to the table.  However, I came across some interesting info in a post over at  Somebody posted my previous Chan Gailey post over there and it got an interesting discussion going about Gailey, but also about the offensive coordinator issues in general.  While poking around there I came across a post by a user named leakyfausett.  In his post leakyfausett gave a rundown of Gailey that made me think he's at least a viable alternative to Cam Cameron.  Personally I'd prefer Cameron, but it's entirely possible somebody else gets the job, so it'd be nice to know more about them.

In seven of the eight seasons that Gailey was either a coordinator or head coach in the NFL, he had a player attain the 1,000-yard rushing mark each time, including Jerome Bettis of the Steelers and Emmitt Smith of the Cowboys.

Before joining the Cowboys in 1998, Gailey spent the previous four seasons (1994-97) with the Pittsburgh Steelers, including each of the last two as offensive coordinator. His first two years there were spent tutoring the club's wide receivers. In his four seasons with the Steelers, the team won the AFC Central Division crown each time, appeared in the AFC Championship Game on three occasions and reached the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh finished second in the NFL in rushing offense in 1996, averaging 143.7 yards per game. In Gailey's final season with the Steelers, he presided over the league's top-ranked rushing team, averaging 154.9 yards per contest.

The NFL team with which Gailey coached reached postseason play each of his last eight years in the league, and 11 of his 14 seasons overall.

Gailey got his start in the NFL coaching ranks as an assistant with the Denver Broncos in 1985. He served as a defensive assistant and special teams coach in his first season there before moving to the offensive side in 1986. He served two years (1986-87) as the Broncos' special teams and tight ends coach prior to taking over the task as quarterbacks coach in 1988. Promoted to offensive coordinator/receivers coach in 1989, he served two years in that position.

During Gailey's six-year stay in Denver, the team finished first or second in the AFC West on five occasions and made three Super Bowl appearances. Following his tenure in Denver, Gailey was named head coach with the Birmingham Fire of the World League in 1991, and in his two seasons there, the Fire qualified for the playoffs both times. A stop as head coach at Samford University in 1993 preceded his stint with the Steelers.

Additionally, a guy named 757niner pointed this out:

Going to Miami as an OC in 2000, he (Gailey) helped first time starter Jay Fielder go to 11-5 (granted a top level defense really helped).

He's a proven winner at the NFL level, and he's even helped some poor names in quarterbacking (Kordel, Fielder, Tomczak) look like true winners. Chan Gailey had top 10-15 offenses at all his stops as OC in the NFL....Pittsburg, Miami and Dallas. At each stop, he didn't just take a "system" with him and plug it in, he adapted the system he uses(Coryell-based) to fit the personnel. In Dallas he spread the ball around around, ala Norv in his days their. In Pittsburgh, he invented the 'slash' role for Kordell Stewart.....something that had never been tried before and was a pound 'n' ground offense that looked nothing like his Dallas days. In Miami, he did it with smoke and mirrors.....short passing, misdirection because he lacked real game breakers.....and still had the Dolphins winning. That to me speaks volumes of his offensive IQ....that fact that he can adapt his offense to fit current personnel.....not just bring 'his' system and tell the players this is what we run, get used to it. Flexibility is the key.

His offense at Gerogia Tech never really had the right players at the right times, but they still put points on the board. When CJ was there the best QB he had was Ball who was not a guy who could throw well and Choice always seemed to get hurt at the wrong times. The coaches around him and a number of former GT ADs love the guy. I said it from the the moment he was fired, he'd be a great fit.

While I think I still prefer Cam Cameron, Chan Gailey may bring more to the table than one would sense at first glance.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 1:45PM - In a good bit of timing, Kev threw up a diary at the same time with the offensive stats in Pittsburgh and Miami when Chan Gailey's was offensive coordinator.