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Wildcard Weekend: 49ers OC Carousel is rolling round and round

EDITOR'S UPDATE 11:00AM - Go ahead and use this as the open thread for today's games.

First off, DON'T FORGET TO GET IN YOUR WILDCARD ROUND PREDICTIONS.  Anybody and everybody can make predictions, even if you're not in the 8-person bracket.

Well, things are officially getting a little crazy in the 49ers hunt for an offensive coordinator.  First Mike Martz is a likely candidate if he gets fired.  Then, Scot McCloughan says he's not.  Then John Clayton reports Martz will meet with Mike Nolan next week.  The next guy is Cam Cameron after he is fired by the Miami Dolphins.  People figure the 49ers should just hop on a plane with a bag of cash and do whatever it takes to get Cam Cameron out here as offensive coordinator.  

Then tonight I stumble across a random article in the Detroit Free Press reporting several different bits of information.  They were discussing how SMU is interested in both Mike Martz and June Jones, the Hawaii head coach:

Martz was rumored to be in line to get the offensive coordinator's job with San Francisco, but reported the 49ers have no interest in hiring Martz to replace fired offensive coordinator Jim Hostler. reported San Francisco lacks the personnel to run Martz's system, and that fired Dolphins coach Cam Cameron is not high on the San Francisco's priority list at the moment.

The San Francisco Chronicle, however, reported that 49ers coach Mike Nolan said on his radio show that Martz is still among three candidates. Recently fired coaches Cam Cameron and Brian Billick are the others.

So the Detroit Free Press basically combines all the stories into one.  Keeping up with me so far?  Well one more curve ball for you.  The Rotoworld article cited above says that Mike Nolan is hoping to also schedule June Jones for an interview (along with Cameron, Billick, Gailey and apparently Martz).  So the candidates that have been mentioned include Cam Cameron, Chan Gailey, Brian Billick, Mike Martz and June Jones.  I'd imagine some other names might sneak into the picture.

June Jones runs a highly entertaining Hawaii offense, but the Run and Shoot just doesn't have what it takes to work in the NFL.  Otherwise Jerry Glanville might still be coaching or coordinating in the NFL and not Portland State.  I simply don't see June Jones becoming the coordinator.  If I had to rank the candidates based on who I think will actually get the job:

  1. Chan Gailey
  2. Cam Cameron
  3. Mike Martz
  4. Brian Billick
  5. June Jones
My first choice is Cameron, but something makes me think Chan Gailey is more likely.  I'm going to throw up a poll with who you think will land the job (not specifically who you want to land the job). If you think someone else gets the job, list the person in the comments section.