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Mike Martz hired as new 49ers offensive coordinator!

Matt Maiocco is reporting the NFL Network is the first to report Mike Martz has been hired as offensive coordinator of YOUR San Francisco 49ers.  The news was apparently confirmed by the agent for Mike Martz, Bob Lamont, who also represents Mike Nolan.

Not much other info yet, but certainly big news on an otherwise slow Tuesday.  If you missed it, I put up a Mike Martz scouting report yesterday.  Much more to come.  Feel free to throw out your thoughts on the hiring and any other info you can find out there.  Consider this the Mike Martz hiring link dump for now!

EDITOR'S UPDATE - 2:08PM - Mike Nolan will have a 5pm conference call and Martz will then talk to the media at 5:30. MM is updating his blog as well. I've got class from 3-4:50 so I'll get info on Nolan/Martz appearances later tonight.

EDITOR'S UPDATE - 2:25PM - Apparently it's a 2-year contract. Also, when Nolan was defensive coordinator for the Redskins in 1997 and 1998, Martz was QB coach, so the relationship goes beyond just sharing an agent. Thanks to MM for those details.