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Patrick Willis Facts

So I was poking around the Internet this morning and stumbled across some funny stuff over at  Yardbarker's big claim to fame is having athletes use their site as a blogging platform.  However, anybody can create their own quasi/mini-blog through them.  If you search 49ers, you'll come across all sorts of random postings.  Anyways, I was surfing around and came across Patrick Willis facts.  A lot of times, these kinds of facts are just copying the original Chuck Norris Facts and changing the names.  In this case, there are some pretty original ones listed.    The person who posted them apparently got them in an email forward.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Patrick Willis once sacked the quarterback before the ball was snapped. He was not offsides.
  • Patrick Willis wears pads and a helmet because it is mandated by the league rules. Everyone else in the NFL wears pads and a helmet because of Patrick Willis.
  • Patrick Willis once returned a fumble and an interception for a touchdown on the same play.
  • Patrick Willis likes his eggs sunny side up, with salt, pepper, and ground wide receiver.
  • Chances are, at some point in your life, you have, or will be tackled by Patrick Willis.
  • It has been said that Barry Bonds once hit a homerun and the ball never landed. This is not true. The story has been confused with that of the time that Patrick Willis once hit a running back, who never landed.
  • Patrick Willis once tackled a running back simply by looking at him.
  • Patrick Willis tackled the Virgin Mary and Jesus was born.
  • Patrick Willis knows exactly where in the world Carmen San Diego is...because he dropped her ass for a 5 yard loss.
  • Patrick Willis wasnt the eleventh pick of the draft, he was the first...TWICE.
  • The NFL has renamed the "injury list" to "Hotel Willis"
  • For his workouts, Patrick Willis bench presses Larry Allen.
  • On draft day, commissioner Goodell offered his hand in congratulations. Instead, Patrick Willis tackled him through the podium.
  • If Patrick Willis and Chuck Norris were in a room at the same time it would prematurely cause the second coming of Christ.
  • Patrick Willis plays Linebacker, because if he played running back he would still get tackled by Patrick Willis.
  • Football is like a one man cold to Patrick Willis, he's the only one catching it, he's the only one coming down with it.
  • When Patrick Willis was born, he was already flagged for unnecessary roughness.
  • Patrick Willis is immortal, solely because the grim reaper is scared to get tackled by him.

Gotta love Bamm-Bamm! Feel free to add your own.